1.概述 General introduction

    Y系列6KV、10KV高压三相异步电动机是采用国内最新高压电机设计生产的鼠笼型铸造 转子电机。其防护等级为IP23(GB4942.1),冷却方式为IC01(见GB/T1993)。




     Y-series(6KV/10kv)squirrel-cage three phase asynchronous motor,is building on the advanced technology in the nation.The protection degree of the motor is of IP23(according toGb4942.1),and the cooling method is IC01(according to GB/T1993).

    The motors has a lot of advantages such as height efficiency ,enerty-saving,low noise and vibration ,light weight and reilable performance .THey are easy for installation andmaintenance.The motor has high insulation class and moistureproof capacity.

     The motor is used to drive various mechanical equipments such as blowers ,pumps,crushers,storkremoing machines and other  equipments,It can serve as the prime movers in coalmines,mechanical industries,powerplants and various industrial enterprises.

    The structure and the mounting type is of IMb3 with the continuous duty(S1).The rated frequency is 50Hz and the rated voltage are 6000v,10000v.Other special requirements should be negotiate with the manufactuer before the order is placed.

2.型号说明Symbol explanation

3.结构说明 Brief Construction

3.1 电动机为国际流行的箱式结构,机座和端盖均由钢板焊接制成,刚度好,重量轻,电动机顶部采用封闭式空-空冷却器,拆装方便,利于电动机的维护和修理。

3.2 定子绕组采用F级绝缘材料和防护材料,定子绕组端部固定采用特殊绑扎工艺,牢固可靠,整个定子采用真空压力浸渍F机无溶剂(VPI)处理。因此,电动机具有优良可靠的绝缘性能和防潮、抗冲击能力。

3.3 本系列电动机鼠笼转子大部分采用铸铝转子,运行可靠;鼠笼铜条转子采用先进可靠的焊接工艺,并且槽内紧固处理。

3.4 轴承有滚动轴承和滑动轴承两种型式,依电动机功率大小及转速而定,其基本防护等级为IP44.如电动机具有较高的防护等级时轴承的防护等级也随之提高。采用滚动轴承的电动机均有不停机加油和排油转置。

3.5 主接线盒为密封结构,防护等级为IP54.一般装于左侧。出线盒的进线孔可朝上、下、左、右四周转换。盒内有单独的接地端子。

3.1 The motor adopts compacted box structure,welding-jointed steel plate forits frame,light weight ,rigid in construction,there is closed air to air coolers on the stator frame convenient for installation and maintenance.

3.2 Stator winding adopts F class insulation and its end adopts firm binding.The whole stator adopts solvent-free varnish Vacuum pressure impregnation(VPI) to ensure the stator has excellent electric property and humidity resistance.

3.3 Rotor is made of cast aluminium or copper bar.Aluminium rotor is made of pure aluminium,copper barwedging copper rotor enhances the entorety of rotor.

3.4 The motor adopts rolling bering or sliding bering ,according to the output power and rotary speed.bearing protection grade normally is IP44.If the motor's protect grade increases,so does the berings'.Rolling bearing adopts iubricating gresse and its grease charger and discharger can be charged or discharged without stopping the motor.

3.5 The junction box is of IP54 protection grade and it is usually mounted on the motor's right side(viewed from shaft extension end.)Lt is also can be mounted on the left side and its outlets have four optional orientations(up,down ,left or right.)Separated grounding unit is available in main junction box,too.

4.使用条件及其性能 Working conditions and performance

4.1 额定电压6Kv、10kv,额定频率50HZ。

4.2 绝缘等级F级,防护等级IP44和IP54。

4.3 海拔不超过1000M。

4.4  最高环境空气温度不超过40摄氏度;最低环境空气湿度对应采用滚动滚动轴承的电动机为-15摄氏度,对应采用滑动轴承的电动机为5摄氏度。

4.5 最湿月月平均最高相对湿度为90%,同时该月月平均最低湿度不高于25摄氏度。


4.7 电源频率为50HZ+1%;

4.8 电动机额定为连续工作制S1。

4.9 冷却方式为IC611。

4.1 THe rated power supply is 6KV、10KV 50HZ.

4.2 The insulation class is F,the protection degreeis IP44 or IP54.

4.3 Height above sea level does not exceeding 1000 meters.

4.4 Height environmental temperature<40℃,lowest environmental temperature:rolling bering>-15℃.silding bering>5℃.

4.5 The ambient air relative humidity does not exceed 95% and the mean monthly minimum temperature of current month does not exceed 25℃

4.6 The deviation between power voltage and rated voltage is less than5%.

4.7 Rated frequency:50Hz+1%.

4.8 Duty type:continuous duty type S1.

 4.9 Cooling method is IC611.




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